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Pre-sale services: Understanding the different needs of customers, providing a comprehensive and detailed analysis and consulting for clients to develop systematic product solutions.
Sale of services: to provide customers with customized quality products to meet customer's process requirements. To provide customers with installation and commissioning services, and conduct hands-on training,ensure that each customer can use the product correctly.
After-sales service: occasional visit customers to understand the use of products for customers to solve problem with the product, provide maintenance, parts sales and technical surgery support. Allows customers to purchase products are protected.

Solemn promise:
1.I sold all the product warranty period of one year warranty free home repair (human factors or irresistible natural phenomenon caused by the failure or damage except).
2.Upon receipt of the notice to repair, arrived on the scene within five working days and solve the problem.
3.Sales phone users can consult the relevant technical issues, and get a clear solution.
Service Tel: 029-33731567 can also E-mail:
4.Users in the normal use of performance failure, the company is committed to the above warranty. In addition, laws and regulations applicable in the country as otherwise expressly provided, the Company will comply with the relevant laws and regulations.
5.During the warranty period, the following will be implemented paid maintenance services;
(1)Due to human or natural phenomenon of irresistible damage occurred;
(2)Due to improper operation caused by the failure or damage;
(3)Since the product transformation, decomposition, assembly failures or damage.


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