Enterprise spirit: fine efficient practical discipline

Fine efficient: on the basis of the company's business, establish a strict discipline, strict management, unity and enterprising, pragmatic and efficient management team; To company mission and strategic objectives as the guidance, the company business activities implementation specialization, streamline, standardization and fine management, efforts to achieve the management of high efficiency and high benefit of profit. Pragmatic: self-discipline education staff loyalty dedication, discipline and with pragmatic and innovative style of hard work, serious and responsible spirit, self-confident positive mentality, happy work, conscientiously perform duties take the initiative to take responsibility, and the common progress of the company common development.

Corporate vision: to do first-class kiln production enterprises in China

With management experience for many years and the basis of scientific and technological innovation, adhere to the management theory of specialization, scale, integration, gradually developed into a "first-class kiln production enterprises in China".

Business ethics: be honest integrity work

Always adhere to the co. Uh guano are having both ability and political integrity, work to be equal, honest speaking foundation. To follow the market rules, to make the company become famous in the customers trust companies.

Enterprise style: continuous improvement to improve

Power based on enterprise development and diversification of customer needs, continuously improve product quality, constantly improve the management level, the exercise of the enterprise market competitiveness, and realize the sustainable development of enterprises.

The company quality policy: keep improving casting quality model

Excellence: high standards of high performance high quality. Every employee's work must be the pursuit of excellence, each process control must be the pursuit of excellence, every service must be the pursuit of excellence, to quality kiln, satisfaction service for the customers and the market, which embodies the characteristics of enterprise, also accord with the quality and development of the enterprise purpose.

Enterprise service purposes: professional and meticulous, warm and thoughtful

Advocacy of "customer satisfaction as the center" service culture, with the attitude of enthusiasm and thoughtful service, professional management and careful communication, let customers at ease.

Corporate values: credit responsibility harmony

With good reputation guarantee lasting business health, realize to the responsibility of the society, shareholders, employees, customers, commitment to build a harmonious corporate culture and corporate image.

Our Team

Xianyang Huaguang furnace has an enviable quality team, we are proud to work miracles teamwork, pride in mutual respect and common development, sharing of successful culture of cooperation. Xianyang Hua kiln requires every employee agree with the company's core values, and always maintain a positive attitude. This is a continuously exceeded, the joint development of the team; This is a common culture, give full play to individual creativity of the team; This is a full respect and authority, but also requires that each person is responsible for a team of such trust; this is one of the goals into action, and continue to achieve goals of the team; this is a self-renewing, constantly updated team; this is a leading industry, continuous improvement, the pursuit of excellence team. Our efforts, and I hope to become a kiln Xianyang Huaguang solve problems for customers, for employees to create the future team.


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