A solemn promise:
 1. I sold the factory warranty for all products for one year warranty for free home repairs (or man-made irresistible natural phenomenon caused by the failure or damage).
 2. Receipt of repair notice, within seven working days and rushed to the scene to solve the problem.    
 3. Users can consult the phone after-sale technical problems, and a clear solution. After-sales service Tel:    
 4. Subscribers in the normal use of performance failures occur, the company promises more than the warranty service. In addition, the application of national laws and regulations otherwise expressly provided, the Company will comply with the implementation of relevant laws and regulations.  
 5. Warranty, the following will be paid to implement maintenance services;    
 (1) due to irresistible natural or man-made phenomenon caused the damage;      
 (2) due to improper operation or damage caused by the fault;    
 (3) as a result of the transformation of the product, decomposition, the assembly took place while the failure or damage.  


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